A Marketing Strategy Using Articles

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A marketing strategy using articles is absolutely essential for your business.


Here's the deal. The website you have is to be used in one way or another as a tool to build up your business, right? That website could be a blog, or be used to sell affiliate products, Amazon items or some other type of electronic commerce like ebay. Whatever it is, you need to drive traffic to the site. How can you do that? They say that the king of traffic is content. Content begins with the first article you write.


  • Make Every Article Bring Traffic


Of course you may not be writing each and every piece with the idea of driving traffic. You may be writing just as a hobby or to inform the public. But as for myself, I have long realized that every piece I write can be written in such a way that it eventually drives traffic to my site. Whether I write for Squidoo, for my blog or comments on someone's else's blog, my main idea is too eventually use that to get visitors to my own website. That is the primary method I use to get tons of free traffic.


  • What About Paid Ads?


Now you could say okay, what about paid ads. Maybe you use that to get traffic. That is all well and good. Paid ads have their rightful place in the marketing business. But if you are new to the business or you are on a limited budget, then paid adds could be out of the question for you. Therefore they may not be the appropriate choice for everyone.


  • Get Others To Write For You If Necessary

I myself used to rely a whole lot on paid ads. But then I discovered that one can do so much more with a scientifically designed and well executed use of article marketing. Since then, my advertising budget has gone way down while my article writing has gone way up, as has the amount of organic traffic (from free Google search). If you are not able to write the articles yourself, I'm glad to tell you that there are other options available for you. One thing is clear though, you definitely need article marketing to boost your business. You may not know this, but this strategy is used by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies.


  • Google Ranking

You can very quickly get a great Google ranking with just a few dozen well placed articles that are submitted to some of the well known and respected article directories can create very valuable backlinks for your website, which in turn will increase your Google ranking. The same is true with your articles being posted on someone else's blog or website, if it happens to have a good ranking. This is how you establish yourself as an authority in your particular niche.


  • Write Quality Article


Here's perhaps the most important thing to know. Your articles need to be very well written. They must provide some kind of value to the reader. You cannot just copy and paste someone else's articles that are irrelevant to your site and hope that they will increase your site's ranking. You also cannot write sloppy articles and just hope for the best. Content really is king, and the best content is the king of kings. You need to have the highest quality articles written in order to attain the maximum effect in the shortest time possible.


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A Marketing Strategy Using Articles

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A Marketing Strategy Using Articles

This article was published on 2011/07/30