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Wouldn't it be great to have a lot of people under one's umbrella? This has happened to many who have tried and succeeded in multi-level marketing. Unfortunately, there are those who want to get rich quickly and if things are not doing too well in the first 6 months, the individual will quit.

Creating MLM traffic for the person is like building a house. The foundation must be laid out one brick at a time. After a few have been laid, the people that have been recruited will now earn money for the individual in terms of commission.

This means earning $10,000 a month in commission is very easy. The only challenge is reaching the first $1,000. In order to make this happen, the first thing to have a good MLM traffic formula is a plan.

The first marketers started this approach by sending out mail and calling potential clients on the telephone. This practice is still being done today but the advent of the computer age has enabled people to send this to hundreds monthly in the hopes of getting a recruit.

The person can set up a website, make pop up ads and have this advertised in other sites or just forward the email to friends who will also send this to others like a chain letter. When someone is hooked, a meeting can then be setup so the company, the product and the compensation plan can be explained to the customer.

If an individual is able to recruit one person in the first month and continues to do this for the next 11 months. As long as the new recruit does the same, the individual who started it all will have more than four thousand people under the umbrella. The only difference then between someone who succeeded or failed in MLM is the ability to stick it out.

The person who is at the top should not only sit and wait for the money to come in but to also provide leads to the new recruits. There are many places to get this such as friends, neighbors and family members. Network companies have also used genealogy leads as part of the effort.

Another factor that will help out in creating MLM traffic is training. People are more inclined to listen to someone knowledgeable instead of an agent who is following a script. This is because the tools given can only go so far and the person has to think smart when answering a question. Being able to face the music or freezing up is the deciding factor whether a customer will buy it or not.

Should the recruit quit after a few months, one must learn to adjust given that the some adjustments need to be done in order to catch up.

The success of anyone who decides to get involved in MLM marketing does not always fall upon the great products or services it has. This really depends on the person because interacting with the customer is the only way that sales are made. By using the resources available not only through the telephone but using the Internet and other resources as well, there is a very good chance that more traffic is created.

The success of anyone who decides to venture into multi-level marketing rests upon the efforts of the group that are using the right MLM traffic formula. If the person doesn't have it, perhaps it is time to rethink the strategy to come up with a better plan.

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MLM Traffic Formula

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This article was published on 2010/09/13