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Purchasing a set of traffic stencils for a parking lot, if you are its owner or proprietor, or someone who runs a parking lot maintenance business, is usually a good investment. Applying pavement paint to produce the various markings that are indispensable to the smooth functioning of a parking lot would require the steadiness of a robot, and impossible stamina, if stencils for these markings did not exist. Conversely, through the use of a traffic stencil set, which one can easily purchase from a number of stencil product providers, the human error factor is minimized, and professional-looking markings can be painted without much hassle. Already a useful product even if it only lasted one or two times, in addition, a decent set of traffic stencils more than makes back its worth, as it can last very long if cared for properly before it begins to warp or deteriorate.

Traffic stencils come in a number of sizes, from relatively small to considerably oversized. Smaller stencils are cheaper, definitely, but oversized stencils possess many advantages, including not having to be used as often to produce the same effect, and making traffic markings and icons that are larger and more visible to drivers. It all depends on the size of the parking lot and available space, of course - an oversized stencil set may be impractical in the context of a small lot, which may need more icons as opposed to larger ones. Parking lot owners and proprietors have an easy choice here because they only have one or a few lots to keep track of. Business enterprises that engage in parking lot maintenance would do well to keep several sizes of traffic stencils available to serve the diverse needs of multiple clients.

Traffic stencils are typically made of sturdy plastic, but this plastic can itself be divided into two distinct grades: Durolast and Maxilast. These grades, which are the standard offering nowadays for plastic stencil sets in general, differ in the thickness of the plastic, which affects its longevity and durability. Durolast is the thinner of two grades, with the plastic used about 1/16 of an inch thick. It is a quality product, and good for more than a few uses, but is more prone to breakage and warping than Maxilast. On the upside, it is far cheaper. On the other hand, Maxilast plastic stencils are about 1/8 of an inch thick, and are much tougher than Durolast stencils. Much more suitable for frequent use, Maxilast stencils are certainly costed to better be worth what they claim. On the average, a Maxilast traffic stencil set will cost almost twice as much as a Durolast traffic stencil set of the same type.

If you are a parking lot owner or proprietor who does not expect to do maintenance painting more than once a year or thereabouts, then Durolast would be a better purchase. However, if you are a parking lot maintenance business owner who expects to blaze through stencils almost every day, you would be more prudent to purchase a Maxilast set.


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Traffic Stencil Types

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This article was published on 2010/09/13